So, what do forum admins actually do?

Admins & Mods

Being a registered member and/or visitor to a bulletin board, one has to understand just what forum administrators do behind the scenes. Should you be new to the forum game, it may prove difficult to notice anything the team of staff do across the array of categories and forums available on that particular website.

Both moderators and administrators actually perform rather important tasks. Be it running the forum on a day-to-day basis (moderation, discussion population, advertising) and backend administration (site maintenance, off-site promotion, and more). We’ll look into some of the responsibilities of running an online bulletin board.

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Say hello to the future of ModernBB: Luna

ModernBB Luna

ModernBB is currently undergoing some major changes. The development team has essentially returned to the drawing board, coming up with a new bulletin board software. Luna is where the roadmap will next take both the ModernBB team and users. But what is Luna, and why should you be mildly excited?

For those who may be unfamiliar with the name, ModernBB is a bulletin board package released under the GNU General Public License version 3. It is developed as a reaction to the slow development of FluxBB. The latest release of ModernBB is version 3.6, which rolled out on December 2.

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Turning forum administration into a career?

Forum Admin Career

Aspiring forum administrators or website owners who govern a forum as an extension understand the sheer amount of work that is required to be poured into a community to a) get it up and running, and b) keep it active. Is there room for this ‘profession’ as a career with possible paid positions?

Community managers who are exceptional at their tasks will be able to maintain a community of active users, update & upgrade forum software, dive into code when required to either fix errors or implement a new feature, be active both on and off the forum to upkeep an online presence, and be able to deal with any given situation thrown at them. Big companies and websites are beginning to enter the realm of forums (some have been for a while) as they witness the benefits on allowing their targeted audience to discuss and network on a feature rich platform.

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Paid review blogging, is it worth the trouble?

Paid Review Blogging

Reviews and paid posts on blogs are becoming more widely used. The option appears to be more effective then most advertising (banner, text etc.) as link building is a bonus along with higher traffic generation. Cheap blog posts, on the other hand, are often referred to as “incredibly obvious advertising”. I prefer the term “stupidity”. Many web developers, product sellers, service providers and the like go for this option over conventional advertising to make their campaigns more worth while in SEO sense, mainly the link building value and potential traffic increase as mentioned above.

I do agree with this on certain grounds – why pay for banner advertising when you could be featured on a popular, authoritative blog? But it has to work and be of value for the both online properties in question.

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